Quality IVD At Cheaper Rates!

Our professional assistance facilitates effective patient care. Wi, Inc. provides high quality intravenous devices that will cater to all the treatment of diseases and ailments. Our IVD is guaranteed to be high performing which is a result of advanced medical engineering system and design that we are implementing. We secure the highest standards to answer all your health related concerns.

IVD is one of the therapeutic devices that Wi, Inc. manufactures. Other devices that provided in our list of products include the organ transporter, blood product centrifugation, gynecological speculum, infusion pumps, inter-ocular pressure, automated oral medication dispenser, vitrectomy surgical hand piece, and a whole lot more. Our products aim to assist in giving appropriate access device to varied patient requirements.

Wi, Inc. considers the importance of IVD for various venous accesses in therapies and treatments. We eliminate to the best we can, causes for complications that may arise along the process giving only quality service of our products. That is why, we have clean room assembly to ensure the safest processes in manufacturing and packaging of products. We have the extensive experience in developing therapeutic medical devices hence, the world class quality of our products. We put great emphasis in assisting in the treatment of health concerns so we give the safest and effective devices from the best medical device engineers.